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Why is Woll Cookware Simply the Best

The Problem...             

                    Over the years we have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people who have paid a premium for what they thought was ‘quality’ cookware.

        Then those same customers have experienced a problem (or several problems) with either the cookware or the coating or both. And that experience has left them dissatisfied and looking for answers…. 

The Truth...                

                    The vast majority of so called ‘Premium’ cookware is vacuum (or pressure) cast. Put simply – mass produced by machines! To get the aluminium alloy to flow, copper must be added to it. Unless the mixture is 100% correct, two things can happen:  

              1) Bubbles in the casting can cause the coating to bubble or peel at any time over the life of the pan

            2) The coatings cannot be applied at a very high temperature because of the copper. You may have been told – ‘Don’t overheat the pan!’  That is because you may pass the bake in point of the coatings and melt or burn them off. 

            Not only do you have to monitor everyone that may use your pots and pans, there will be a time (for all of us)  that we get sidetracked and leave our cookware unattended on the stove. For most cookware, it would be destroyed… 
The Solution...                         

                    Woll cookware is NOT vacuum cast and so there is NO copper. Our world patented Titanium Plasma coating is applied at 2000C and yes, you can use metal implements on it.

                With the unique hand cast method, the cookware is also stress free, being able to go from the fridge to the cook top without ever warping.  
                     Finally, there is a range of cookware available that will do everything you want - without fail!