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9 tips for to get the most out of your Woll cookware!

energieFast pleasure for your palate using energy sparingly Cook intelligently for quality!
WOLL cookware both accumulates and stores heat particularly well – which means that the heat you need for cooking can be maintained at a lower setting, which makes your cooking particularly energy-efficient. WOLL cookware uses 1/3 less energy than a conventional cast iron pan, for example.
Yet more tips for energy-saving
  • Use WOLL professional cast products whose bottoms fit neatly onto the diameter of the hotplate you are using. Hotplates too big for the pot use energy wastefully. The high quality and excellent heat convection properties of the WOLL thermal bottom means that even with smaller hotplates the heat is distributed evenly – even with square pans and the oval fish pan, for example!
  • On gas cookers, the diameter of the gas flame should never be larger than the bottom of the WOLL professional cast product.
  • The extra-thick WOLL thermal bottom means your dishes stay warm for a long time after you have turned off the heat.
  • Choose the right sized pot for what you want to cook in it. Any pot should ideally be 2/3 full.
  • You should preferably steam vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or cauliflower using little or no water in a closed pot or casserole. This saves energy, and produces healthier and tastier cooked food. This method also reduces preparation times by between 30 and 40%.

erhitzenThe right temperature for frying: WOLL professional cast products get hot particularly fast!
When empty and with the heat turned to maximum WOLL professional cast products reach a temperature of up to 300 °C within three minutes. Turn down the heat in good time to achieve the healthiest and tastiest dishes possible. Where temperatures are too high, cooking oils and fats can begin to burn very quickly and leave behind a residue known as tar resin on the surface of the pan, which is sometimes impossible to remove and can impair the non-stick properties of your cookware.
So be sure to heat WOLL professional cast products correctly when frying or roasting with oil.
  • Heat your WOLL professional cast product for a short time with nothing in it. The high-performance thermal bottom warms very quickly and evenly.
  • Turn back down to the desired heat level in good time and add oil or fat and the food you want to fry into the pan (on this, see TIP 3).
  • Conduct the wooden spoon test – to see whether the oil of fat has reached the correct temperature, insert the dry handle of a wooden spoon into the fat. If small bubbles form around the handle, then the fat is hot enough. It should not start smoking, as this means that the oil is beginning to burn!
Thanks to their high-performance non-stick coating, WOLL professional cast products are also suitable for oil-free preparation of meats, for example:
  • If you want to fry without fats, heat up your WOLL professional cast product for approx. 2 1/2 minutes at maximum heat. You can check the temperature using the droplet test: use a wet finger to splash a couple of drops of water onto your WOLL professional cast product – if the drops dance about on the pan bottom, then it is the right temperature, if they sizzle off immediately, then the WOLL professional cast product is already too hot.
  • You can now reduce the heat by about 30%.
  • Please note that your meat must start at room temperature.
  • Put the meat into the WOLL professional cast product – it will stick a little at first.
  • Turn it over when it is easy to detach it from the pan bottom and sear the other side at high temperature.
  • Then continue frying your meat until it has reached your preferred eating temperature. 
    Rare: no resistance when you press down gently using your thumb; Medium rare: slight resistance; Well done: the meat yields to your thumb hardly at all.
  • After frying, leave the meat to rest for about 5 minutes in the oven at 90 °C.

fetteEnjoy healthy foods: Choose carefully; not all oils like it hot!
Depending on how you want to prepare your food, choose an oil or fat that can handle the cooking temperature you wish to use. Fats and oils have a variety of different behaviours in response to heat, each having a specific “smoke point” – which refers to the temperature at which the fat begins to burn, producing visible smoke.
When cooking at high temperatures, e.g. when searing meat or frying vegetables in a wok, it is recommended to use edible oils with high smoke points.
  • Refined thistle oil (smoke point at 266 °C)
  • Refined – often referred to as "pure" – olive oil (smoke point at 242 °C)
  • Refined rapeseed oil – also highly recommended by nutritional experts (smoke point at 240 °C)
  • refined sunflower oil, coconut, corn, soya or peanut oil (220–232 °C)
  • Palm oil (220 °C)
For gentle frying, e.g. for fish or breast of chicken, or for preparing pan-cooked dishes, such as fried potatoes or breaded foods, the following oils are suitable:
  • Grape seed oil (190–210 °C)
  • Clarified butter (up to 205 °C)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (up to 190 °C)
Butter and margarines can only handle temperatures of up to about 160 °C and are often used to prepare egg dishes, breaded and flour-battered item and for gently sweating vegetables.
Caution: Diet oils and margarines are mostly virgin or cold-pressed oils (e.g. virgin thistle or sunflower oil) and are not generally suitable for frying! Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer on the product's packaging.
versiegelungCut and scratch marks: No problem!
WOLL professional cast products are robust and extremely durable. Their patented hard-base coating makes the frying surface extremely cut and abrasion-resistant. If scratch marks should occur on the surface you can continue to use the product completely safely – and without any impairment of its cooking properties or risk to your health. WOLL professional cast products are free of PFOAs.
kuechenhelferPractical kitchen utensils: Everything is possible!
Thanks to the extremely tough WOLL protective coating, you can use any kitchen utensils you wish, whether they're made of wood, plastic or metal. Or use our practical WOLL silicon kitchen utensils – which are highly heat-resistant, very easy to clean, extremely hygienic and, as an added bonus, extend even further our products' service life.
reinigungCleaning using WOLL professional cast products: It couldn't be easier
Thanks to our high-performance non-stick coating a little hot water and detergent is all you need to clean them after every use as quick as a flash. All WOLL professional cast products are also dishwasher-proof.
keramikCooking using ceramic hobs: Raise up your pans!
If you push and pull WOLL professional cast products about on ceramic hobs, small particles of dirt trapped between the aluminium bottom and the hob may scratch both the pan bottom and the hob. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any responsibility for such damage. For this reason, you should always lift up your WOLL professional cast products when moving them about on the cooker.
induktionCooking using induction: Energy-saving – cleaner – faster!
WOLL professional cast products are the right choice too when cooking using induction technology. When you cook using WOLL professional cast products a strong magnetic field is created in the cookware's edge-to-edge induction bottom. The heat is therefore produced exactly where it is needed and is distributed evenly over the cookware. This means you save energy and allows you to heat up your food faster and with greater precision. Dirt on the cooker around the WOLL professional cast product can be removed very easily as these surfaces stay relatively cold.
But be careful: with induction hobs, magnetic field sensors – which detect whether the cookware being used is suitable for induction – are often positioned right at the edge of hotplates. The diameter of the hotplate should therefore match the size of the bottom of your WOLL professional cast product. Otherwise the product may not be recognised as suitable for induction cooking. To prevent damage to the induction hob, always lift your WOLL professional cast products before moving them about the cooking surface.
sicherheitWhen deep frying:
Use a high-walled pot or roaster. Fill with oil up a maximum of halfway to prevent burns through overboiling fat. Caution: do not overheat cooking oils (max. oil temperature 180 °C). Do not cover cooking oil while cooking.
Integrally cast lifting grip:
Where WOLL professional cast products have a lifting grip (cast integrally into the cookware) always use oven gloves or pot holders, as these grips will become hot due to the product's excellent heat convection properties.
Fixed handles, side grips and lid knobs are oven-proof up to 250 °C (the fixed handles and lid knobs Logic series are heat-resistant up to 220 °C) and will become hot in the oven during cooking. Always use pot holders when touching them.
The detachable handles of WOLL professional cast products are not oven-proof. Always remove detachable handles before using such cookware in the oven.